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Carpathian Lynx

Carpathian Lynx
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Carpathian Lynx

A pair of rare Carpathian lynx are settling into their new home at Dudley Zoological Gardens.

Male, Dave, arrived from Salzburg Zoo in Austria (born May 29, 2011), while female, Daisy, relocated from Zoo Veszprem in Hungary (born May 9, 2010).

They will soon be joining the zoo's lone resident lynx, Chloe, and are currently in quarantine for the next few weeks.

As part of quarantine ruling Chloe has been temporarily moved into a neighbouring enclosure as Dave and Daisy, settle into their new surroundings.

Senior Keeper, Adam Walker, said: “Both lynx are doing well and have settled in quickly, but Daisy is the more confident of the pair and enjoys making friends with visitors to the enclosure’s observation dome.

“Dave seems to be staying at the back of the enclosure at the moment, but when the zoo gets quieter they do get together.

“We are hoping if he sees how confident Daisy is then he will come out to see visitors as well.”

He added: “They are both beautiful cats, really stunning.”

The transfer is part of the European breeding programme for this rare subspecies of Eurasian lynx.


Conservation Status: IUCN listed Least Concern