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“Welcome and Enjoy something different - ZooVue - where we Bring Conservation Alive”

“In this small world there are many people who care about this planet and how we can help conserve the many different types of species that currently inhabit our world.

We all know (or should do by now) that things are changing BUT how do we, as a single voice, help to understand, change and protect what we have?

ZooVue (a simple idea) is to put this planet live, 24 x 7, so we can all see what is happening across the world, see the enjoyment animals give us, how they help and shape us and more importantly how WE can protect and conserve them.

ZooVue has a global vision, to conserve and protect this small world - please enjoy this site, interact and share your thoughts with us and as global community we can make a difference.”

Mark Welch - Founder and CEO ZooVue.

Zoos - Conservation Projects

Zoos across the world play a vital role in international conservation efforts. Often this work goes unnoticed or is not publicised. Now you can learn about the amazing conservation projects being carried out by zoos all over the globe. Simply click a logo to find out more.

A-Z Animal Search
A-Z Animal Search

Find out about 100's of rare species around the globe and watch animal antics LIVE with our A-Z animal search.

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